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Pachelbel’s Canon in D | Part I

Why would you want a canon at your wedding? Planning to dispose of certain guests?? No but seriously, Pachelbel’s Canon isn’t a thunderous ancient weapon, it’s a piece of music, it’s gorgeous, and it was written by a 17th century German composer, one Johann Pachelbel. He was busy and successful, and if he’d been around to claim his Canon copyright today, he’d be very rich. My guest, organist Joy Leilani, explains why happy couples love this music, and I figure out that the life of a working musician really hasn’t changed since Pachelbel’s day – it’s still all about the networking.

Pachelbel’s Canon in D | Part II

So just what is a musical canon then? Your moment to ace the trivia quiz. Joy and I team up to play circle games with Pachelbel’s melody and enjoy the sheer beauty of his ingenious designs. I get carried away by amazing music and history, and decide to relive my own wedding. Gulp!